Weddings have always been a lifetime sensation and more so for women, particularly when it comes to the wedding gown. While some will go with the trending couture gowns, others will prefer custom-made one of a kind options. Here are four gown designers who’ve had the privilege to dress celebrities.

Stella McCartney

This is not a new name when it comes to sophisticated and ready-to-wear designs. She had the chance to design the high-neck reception dress worn by Meghan Markle on her royal wedding. The dress had an elegant expression of the Duchess’s figure and worked well for an evening dinner. McCartney went deeper into the creation of white dresses after this design; hence, coming up with the Made with Love collection.

Ralph Lauren

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra had a gorgeous three-day wedding ceremony where Chopra wore three different gowns that matched well with Nick’s suits. Ralph Lauren was the name behind the white dress for the western ceremony. During an interview with the Ralph Lauren Magazine, Lauren revealed that both the dress and the overlay coat took 1,826 hours before completion. The dress was also a work of 15 artisans from India and had over 2 million pearlescent sequins.

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

Serena Williams, the tennis champion, made a fashion statement at her wedding by going with three different gowns. She decided to go with Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen for her ball gown and veil. This was a great choice as Alexander McQueen is famous for exceptional creations.

Claire Pettibone

Nikki Reed from the Vampire Diaries chose Claire Pettibone for her romantic and outstanding gown. The design took a combined expression of historical art and modern fashion. According to Pettibone, the dress put together a sense of style and the bride’s personality. She used words like ethereal, unapologetically feminine, and whimsical to describe the work of her hands.