Wedding gown trends have changed over the years. Many brides no longer feel obliged to wear the long, white, flowing dresses long associated with traditional weddings.

Some of the more interesting wedding gown trends of 2020 include the following:

Buff and Ginger Colours

More brides are now choosing buff and ginger colours to replace white or blush colours popular in previous years. This new trend applies mainly to brides who want to defy longstanding norms and set their own rules.

Buff and ginger pair nicely with a number of different colours, including silver, gold, ivory, black, white or grey.


While it isn’t new for wedding gowns to have volume, the earlier trend of using lace is being replaced by the use of frothy fabric to provide greater volume.

Most brides who choose this style say they love how lightweight it is, and the uniqueness it lends to the gown’s overall look.

More Colour

The question of ‘what makes a good wedding dress?‘ has been asked on countless occasions, and there’s rarely a good answer.

While some say simplicity is key, more recent trends involve the infusion of more colour into the gown. It is now common to see brides walk down the aisle in deep red or royal purple dresses.

Full Coverage

Ever since the duchess got married in a full-coverage wedding gown, most brides have begun to abandon the bare-shoulder and bareback designs that were popular in 2018 and early 2019.

Many new brides are even reversing course, opting instead for more conservative dresses that cover their arms.

Minimalist Gowns

Another trend to have emerged this year has been a preference for a more minimalist look to the wedding gown. Many brides-to-be are choosing plainer gowns, which lack the many frills and embellishments associated with more traditional gowns.